We are united by a code of ethics to dignify this fantastic profession

AIAM is an MLS made up of the best real estate professionals in Alt Maresme.


The strength of a group

Together we are stronger, we are more effective, we multiply the possibilities of selling your property.


Tools of the future

An MLS is an essential tool in other countries, and in ours, it will soon be as well.


Real Estate Ethics

AIAM members are united by a code of ethics agreed upon by all, to dignify this fantastic profession.



AIAM is, at the same time, a platform for continuous training and accumulated experiences, which allows us to offer you better advice.

In 2017 we decided to start walking together and share knowledge, experiences, products and customers. Joining efforts since then, we have become a reference in the sector, due to our global sales capacity, due to the professionalism of the agents involved, and due to the many synergies that are generated when working together.

The fruit of this twinning undoubtedly results in a more complete, competitive and professional service for our customers. AIAM is not just a group of real estate agencies, it is a human team of high quality and understanding as you will not find any other in the area.


Carrer d'Amadeu, 2
08370 Calella
Tel. 93 769 33 55

Finques Iborra

Carrer Mes, 7
08490 Tordera
Tel. 93 765 01 97

Finques Pineda

C/Verge de Montserrat, 48
08397 Pineda de Mar
Tel. 93 762 36 00

Finques Quim

Avinguda del Bon Pastor, 9,
08380 Malgrat de Mar
Tel. 93 761 32 65

Habitat Malgrat

Carrer Desclapers, 2
08380 Malgrat de Mar
Tel. 93 765 45 51

Habitatges Maresme

Carrer Vila, 6
08397 Pineda de Mar
Tel. 671 556 005

Homellar Maresme

Carrer de la Bruguera, 245
08370 Calella
Tel. 93 769 52 80


Plaça Estació, 1,
08397 Pineda de Mar
Tel. 93 767 12 42


Riera Gavarra, 70
08360 Canet de Mar
Tel. 93 794 28 00

Un lloc per viure

Carrer de Sant Joan, 88
08370 Calella
Tel. 93 013 76 06

Virtua Home

Carrer Jaume I, 5, local
08398 Santa Susanna
Tel. 93 766 02 66


Carrer Major, 46
08389 Palafolls
Tel. 669 225 842